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Documenter for .NET Guided Tour

This section walks you through the process of documenting an existing assembly. We will use an assembly from a Barcode application for this tutorial. The components for this tutorial are located in C:\Program Files\ComponentOne\DocToHelp\Tutorial\BarCode.

\BarCode Assembly\Original

Contains the .DLL and .XML files used for the original build of the tutorial project.

\BarCode Assembly\Updated

Contains the .DLL and .XML files used for the update build of the tutorial project.

\BarCode Assembly\Document

Contains the CustomTopics.doc used to add an additional document during the tutorial.

\BarCode Project

Contains the completed Documenter project example.

Note: The Documenter for .NET Guided Tour assumes familiarity with .NET programming.


Selecting the Assemblies to Document

Creating a New Doc-To-Help Documenter Project

Building the Documentation

Add Narrative Topics to the Documentation

Updating the Assembly and the Documentation