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Building the Documentation

At this point, you can use all the regular Doc-To-Help commands to work on the project.

1.   Select the HTMLHelp target on the Project toolbar, then use the Build | Make Target menu option to build the documentation.

2.   Select the Build | View Target menu to preview the documentation. Notice how it is formatted and cross-referenced following the Visual Studio standard:


The reference part of the documentation is ready. If you modify your assembly by adding new classes, properties, methods, etc, simply repeat the process to have Documenter update the help project.

Note: If you are creating HTMLHelp documentation, be aware that the project path should not contain any folders with periods in their names. For example, if your project is in a folder called "c:\help projects\.net\c1barcode", then Doc-To-Help will build the project as usual, but the Microsoft help compiler will not create the .chm help file. This is a limitation of the help compiler, not related to the Documenter or Doc-To-Help. To work around this problem, you have to rename the folder that contains the period or move the project to a new folder.