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Documenter for .NET creates and maintains documentation for one or more .NET assemblies. All you have to do is select the assemblies you want to document and Documenter will automatically generate MSDN-style reference documentation, complete with formatting and references. Additionally, Documenter for .NET generates a Doc-To-Help project with the reference document. This project can be used to build any Help target supported by Doc-To-Help.

You may prefer to use the newer Sandcastle utility to create your reference documentation. See Documenting Your Class Library with Microsoft® Sandcastle.


Note: Documenter creates Word source documents for your reference section, although you may use Word and/or HTML documents in the project.

Documenter uses reflection to collect information about the classes in your assemblies. Because the information is generated directly from the assemblies, it is always accurate and up-to-date. Even without source code comments, Documenter builds a complete reference document with all types and members present.

Documenter can also use XML documentation files created by the C# compiler. The XML documentation is created automatically by the compiler using comments embedded in the source code. Because this type of documentation is written along with the code, it is easy to keep up-to-date. Also, the compiler can check any cross-references automatically and spot documentation errors at compile time. For details on XML documentation, please refer to MSDN (see the XML Documentation Tutorial).

Documenter is fully integrated with Doc-To-Help. Because of this, you can leverage all the power of Doc-To-Help to enhance the automatically generated documentation. You can, add custom narrative sections, cross-references, indices, Help targets, styles, and more.

Note: Documenter for .NET supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 .NET assemblies in addition to Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003 assemblies.


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