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Selecting the Assemblies to Document

Start by selecting the assembly (or assemblies) you want to document.

Note: Documenter for .NET supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 .NET assemblies in addition to Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003 assemblies.

Even without source code comments, Documenter produces a complete reference document with all types and members present. Brief descriptions are included if they are supplied in the Description Attribute in the assembly.

XML comments are optional, but they are a great feature when used with Documenter. They are easy to add and maintain, and the compiler helps ensure the documentation is complete and accurate. XML comments encourage you to write and update the documentation in a consistent manner, while you are writing or modifying the code.

If the assembly contains XML documentation comments, make sure the corresponding XML documentation file is up-to-date by rebuilding the assembly.

For this tutorial, we will use the C1.Win.C1BarCode.Dll assembly, a simple .NET assembly that contains a single WinForms control. The assembly is located in C:\Program Files\ComponentOne\DocToHelp\Tutorial\BarCode\BarCode Assembly.


Creating an Assembly

Generating the XML Documentation File