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Adding Topic Links to a Documenter Project

Unlike other documentation tools, Doc-To-Help Documenter for .NET automates the entire process of creating program documentation, not just the reference materials, but the entire document set. Other documentation tools help to generate the reference sections of your documentation only. But quality software documentation contains additional documentation (narrative sections, conceptual sections, tutorials, etc.) in addition to reference materials. Documenter takes the next step by helping you produce these additional documents (which frequently have multiple links to the reference materials) by automating the topic link process.

By using the new link styles, creating topic links is a simple matter of formatting text. Because narrative sections usually have numerous links to the reference sections of the documentation, using the link style feature makes it easy for you to add topic jumps as you write, without worrying about dialog boxes, selecting topics, etc.

1.   To add a link to the topic below:

2.   Select the location and text for the link.

3.   Click the Link Property style button .

In this case, we selected the Link Property button because the topic we are linking to describes a property. If we were linking to a topic that describes a method, we would select Link Method button , for a delegate, we would select Link Delegate button , etc.

4.   Build the Help target.

Note that the link is in the Help target, minus the C1BarCode, which is stripped out by Documenter.

For more information on Link Styles, see Using Documenter Styles to Create Links.


Using the Link Tag Style