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Examining the Automatically Generated Document and Project

Once Documenter produces a reference document, it is a good idea to take a look at it to see just what is included. This topic describes the major automation features included in the output document.

After opening the document, place your cursor on any heading text and click the style drop-down. Note that all of the paragraphs are formatted with a style starting with Auto. Documenter uses these styles during the regeneration process to distinguish auto-generated paragraphs from those added by the user.

Note:    It is the user's responsibility to avoid using styles starting with Auto in user added paragraphs. You can delete any auto-generated paragraphs you don't want to appear in the document, but cannot modify auto-generated paragraphs. More exactly, Documenter will overwrite modifications you perform to auto-generated paragraphs if it changes those paragraphs during regeneration. You are also not allowed to break generated paragraphs by adding your paragraph in the middle of an auto-generated paragraph. You must always add your paragraphs before or after an auto-generated paragraph.

Place your cursor on any link text (blue text) and click the style drop-down. Note that all of the topic links are formatted with styles starting with Link. These styles, and the related toolbar and a menu items (under the Formatting menu) are used to format link styles and to perform other frequently needed actions. These controls are provided in the author template. Corresponding target templates for building different Doc-To-Help targets are (HTML-based targets), (WinHelp), (Manual).

Every paragraph in the generated document starts with a hidden text that looks like this:


This is the "block key". Documenter uses it for internal purposes, to make document regeneration possible. Normally, the block key should be ignored by the user. Just hide hidden text to remove it from the screen.

In addition to the .doc file, Documenter also creates a .log file in the project directory each time it generates or regenerates a document. This file must be kept unchanged in the project directory. Documenter needs it to be able to regenerate the document.

The targets in the Doc-To-Help project have their Theme property set to a special theme ".NET". You can use Doc-To-Help Theme Designer to modify that theme or to create a new theme and use it in the Doc-To-Help  project.