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Adding Narrative to a Documenter Project

Documenter allows you to add narrative topics to the documentation and keeps those sections intact when your component evolves and you rebuild the documentation (by selecting the updated assemblies). This is a unique feature that provides seamless integration between the reference and narrative parts of the documentation.

Another important feature of Documenter is the ability to archive and compare versions of your automatically produced documentation. By simply clicking the Backup Document button , you can store a "snapshot" of your document before rebuilding with an updated .NET assembly.

By clicking the Document Backup Version button , you can view and compare your stored back up versions.

In addition to adding, retaining and archiving the narrative text in your Documenter produced reference sections; you can insert additional Word documents into your Doc-To-Help project. Any Word document added to a Documenter project has complete access to all of the Documenter features, including the topic link styles. For more information on using the topic link styles, see Adding Topic Links to a Documenter Project and Using Documenter Styles to Create Links.