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Working with the Project File

The Doc-To-Help project file (.d2h) contains all project information, such as the Document Tree, topics, table of contents, index and so on.

The three basic document functions also apply to the Doc-To-Help project file itself.

      Check Out

Checking out a team project allows you to make any changes to the project through the Doc-To-Help project editor in your working copy of the project. Only one author at a time can check out a project. When you have a project checked out, the title area of the window changes to reflect this.

      Check In

Checking a project in uploads any documents that have been changed, along with the project file, into the repository; the changes are made to the team project.

      Get Latest Version

Getting the latest version of the project downloads the team project to your machine and updates your working copy.

Working with project files in team authoring is more complex than working with documents. While some changes can be made to the project file without checking the project out, others cannot. There are generally two different kinds of changes you may need to make in a project:

1.   Global changes: These are massive changes, such as customizing the table of contents or index, adding Help targets, styles, and adding project properties. To make such changes to the project, you need to check the project out, make your changes, and then check the project back in. This ensures only one author is making such changes at any given time, preventing any conflicts.

2.   Minor changes: These are minor changes related to the changes you are making in new documents or in documents you have checked out. This includes adding a document to the project and changes in the project that Doc-To-Help makes automatically when you add D2HML hot spots to a document. For example, a keyword is automatically added to the index when you create a new keyword hot spot in the document. These changes can be made simultaneously by multiple authors working on a project; there is no need to check the project out to make them. These changes are made locally, in your working copy. They become available to other authors when you check your project in.


Global Project Changes

Minor Project Changes