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Working with a Team Project

You generally check files out from the repository to edit them and then check them in to upload the changes to the repository. If you are adding new files to a project, they only exist in your working copy until you check them into the repository.

There are three different kinds of files with respect to their role in team authoring:

      Documents: These are the source documents, or Word and/or HTML files included in the document tree of the Doc-To-Help project.

      Auxiliary files: These are any files, usually graphic files, in the source file folders that are not documents included in the document tree. Source file folders are specified in the WordSourceFolder and HTMLSourceFolder properties; the default folder names are WordDocuments and HTMLDocuments. These files are only accessible from the Team Authoring node of the project editor.

      Project file (.d2h extension): This is the project itself, which contains all the information such as the document tree, topics, table of contents, index, and so on.

There are several different ways to access team-authoring functions for your documents and projects using the Doc-To-Help interface. Once you have a working copy of a team project, you have the option of using the Team Authoring menu, the team-authoring buttons on the Documents toolbar, or the Team Authoring node.


Accessing Team Authoring Functions

Working with Documents

Working with Auxiliary Files

Working with the Project File