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Team Authoring

Doc-To-Help team authoring allows Help authors to work together on a single project; this includes editing, adding and removing documents, and performing all functions that can be done with a regular, single-user Doc-To-Help project. Project changes are available to the entire team, and one author's changes will not be overwritten by another author's changes. This feature is available in Doc-To-Help Enterprise 2007 only.

Team authoring is a basic source control feature in which authors work in their own local copy of a project on their machine, called the working copy, while the master project, or the team project, is located on the organization's network or on a Web server.

To set up a team-authoring project, you start with a regular, single-user Doc-To-Help project and make it available to other team members by uploading it to a central repository. Once the project is uploaded, it becomes the team project, and the project you started with becomes your working copy of the team project. Next, you tell the members of your team where the team project is located. Then they can connect to it and create working copies on their own machines.

Each author works on his or her own working copy. Changes made by an author are not automatically propagated to the team project in the central repository. Until the changes are checked in, they remain local to the author's machine, appearing only in his or her working copy of the project. Likewise, changes made by other authors cannot be seen until they are retrieved from the repository. Doc-To-Help provides special commands to send, or check in, your changes to the repository and to get other authors' changes from the repository.


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