Minor Project Changes

Normally, authors work within their working project copies without checking the team project out. In that case, authors are not allowed to make global changes to the project. More exactly, authors are not allowed to change project data that was created by other authors and already existed in the repository when they got the latest version.

Note: Only one author at a time is allowed to check the project out.

However, authors are allowed to add information, such as documents, keywords, and so on, to the project. For example, you can add a document, delete a document that you added, add a keyword or group, delete a keyword or group that you added, or associate a keyword with a topic. Note that the latter is allowed because it is an addition, not a modification of pre-existing data. Newly created project items are highlighted by a special color so you can see what can be modified in the project.

To customize the color of newly created project items:

1.   In the Doc-To-Help project editor, select the Tools menu and choose Options.

2.   Click the Team Authoring Control tab.

3.   Click the Text color button and specify a color. The text of new project items will appear in the specified color in the Doc-To-Help project editor.

4.   Click the Highlighted text color button and specify a color. The text of new project items will appear in the specified color when they are selected, or highlighted, in the Doc-To-Help project editor.

In this example, the highlighted text color was set to red. The new document, C1BarCode2.doc, was added to the project.

Modifying project items that are already shared by the team, in the sense that they already existed in the project when you last got it from the repository, is not allowed. You can modify only the items that you have created and have not yet sent to the repository. If you need to make changes to the project that are not allowed in this mode, you can always check the project out, make your changes, and then check the project in.

To get changes made to the project and documents by other authors from the repository:

In the Doc-To-Help project editor, click the Team Authoring menu and select Get Latest Version of the Project from Repository. Note that this will get all changes from the repository, including changes in the documents and auxiliary files.

Your working project will be replaced by the repository project, but any changes you made in your working copy will be preserved. In most cases, your changes will be preserved entirely, but occasionally there may be conflicts between your changes and the current project in the repository. Such conflicts will arise only if another author adds items with names identical to yours to the project, or if an author checks out the project, makes global changes, and then checks it in while you are making minor changes to your working copy.

For example, if you add a document as a child of another document, the parent document, while another author deletes the parent document from the project, your child document will not be added. Some conflicts can be ignored, and a reasonable default action can be taken. For example, if you and another author add a style with the same name, you can rename your style. However, if a conflict cannot be ignored, your item will not be added to the project.

If conflicts exist when you get the latest version of the team project, Doc-To-Help shows a Conflicts Detected dialog box.

You can specify which conflicts you want to ignore for the ones that can be ignored. Simply click the Ignore Conflict button.

Click the Save Text button to save the conflicts in a .tmp file for your reference.

If you click Merge, Doc-To-Help will resolve the conflict by merging the changes, which may result in your changes not being added to the project in the repository.

To send the changes you made to the repository:

In the Doc-To-Help project editor, click the Team Authoring menu and select Check Project In.

The data that you added to the project will be added to the team project in the repository and made available to other users.