Global Project Changes

If you need to make massive changes to a team project, check the project out, make your changes, and then check the project in. Only one author can do this at a time.

If you check the project out but then decide you do not want to change it, or you want another author to make those changes, you can use the Undo Project Check Out option on the Team Authoring menu to cancel the check out. However, be aware that all your changes in the project will be discarded and the project will be retrieved from the repository. This does not affect your documents; if you made changes to them, they will not be discarded.

Note that you do not need to check the project file out if you are adding anything new to the project.

Global changes include, but are not limited to:

      Deleting existing documents

      Changing existing document properties

      Changing project properties

      Changing Help target properties

      Changing style properties

      Changing topic properties

      Editing the table of contents