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Working with Auxiliary Files

Auxiliary files are any files, usually graphic files, in the source file folders that are not documents included in the Document Tree. Source file folders, or the folders where all of the project's source documents are located, are specified in the WordSourceFolder and HTMLSourceFolder properties; the default folder names are WordDocuments and HTMLDocuments.

These files are only visible from the Team Authoring node of the project editor. For example, here is a list of auxiliary files that are located in a graphics folder in the WordDocuments source file folder.

Auxiliary files are checked out and checked in the same way as documents. You can select a file and use the Team Authoring menu or the Team Authoring toolbar buttons in Team Authoring node. Note that since these files are not listed in the Document Tree, you cannot use the Documents toolbar to perform team-authoring functions on these files.

Like documents, auxiliary files are read-only unless checked out, except when they are newly created. Unlike documents, however, you do not need to add them to the project explicitly; they are added automatically and shown in the Team Authoring node once they are created in the source file folder.