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D2HML Styles

Doc-To-Help 2007 comes with a set of pre-defined D2HML styles that can be used to format your source documents. These styles allow you to create jumps, keywords, groups, conditional text and much more. D2HML even allows you to work without opening Doc-To-Help, if you so choose. While this is the main advantage of using D2HML, it is highly recommended that Doc-To-Help remains open when using Word, FrontPage and Dreamweaver to edit your source documents. This allows you to take advantage of the D2HML Styles toolbar and dialog boxes provided with Doc-To-Help, making formatting as simple as clicking a button. The functionality of the dialog boxes is limited if the Doc-To-Help project is not open.

The D2HML styles are defined in Doc-To-Help's accompanying templates and cascading styles sheets, which can be attached to your Word and HTML source documents, respectively.

When you apply a D2HML style to text, a hot spot is created. There are different types of hot spots, each with different Behavior values that tell the hot spot what to do. Each hot spot type also corresponds with a Word style and an HTML class.

For additional information on the hot spot types and pre-defined D2HML styles, please see the Hot Spot Types section.


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