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Using D2HML Dialog Boxes

Doc-To-Help simplifies the formatting process by providing the D2HML Styles dialog boxes when using the D2HML Styles toolbar in Microsoft Word or FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver. Each button on the toolbar corresponds with a dialog box that appears when the button is clicked, allowing you to set the properties of the hot spot.

The following example shows you how to use the Topic Link dialog box:

1.   Select some link text in your source document and click the Jump Topic Link button. The Topic Link dialog box appears:

The Link dialog boxes, including Topic Link, Popup Link, Keyword Link and Group Link, allow you to browse for an existing topic, keyword or group to which to link your hot spot.

2.   Click the Browse button . Note that the Doc-To-Help project containing this document must be opened in order to use this button. The Select Topic dialog box opens. The selection dialog box that appears may be different from the one below, depending on which Link dialog box you are using.

Note: If the text you have selected for the hot spot is an exact textual match of the topic, keyword or group that you want to link to, you do not have to browse to find the topic. You can just click OK, and Doc-To-Help creates the link. For example, suppose you want to link to the topic Topic1 in your documentation from the hot spot text topic1. Since the hot spot text matches the topic text, you can simply click OK in the Topic Link dialog box without having to browse for the Topic1 topic.

3.   Select a topic from the list, or use the Look in drop-down box to browse the source documents and filter the available topics by document. For this example, click the Look in drop-down box and select (Choose Documents). The Select Document window opens.

4.   Select Expressing Your Creativity. Now, only the topics within the expressingyourcreativity.htm document appear in the Select Topic window. Note that if you want to switch back to view all topics in all the documents, select (All Documents) from the Look in drop-down box.

5.   Select the Menus and Flyers topic and click OK. The topic appears in the Link To text box in the Topic Link dialog box.

6.   Most dialog boxes have a More button  that expands, allowing you to set additional options and properties. Click More, and select proc from the Window drop-down box in the Topic Link dialog box. For additional information on the More options and properties, see Hot Spot Types.

7.   Click OK.

When the help file is built and the link text is clicked, the Menus and Flyers topic appears in the procedural window.

It is not required that you use the Browse button and selection dialog box to define your hot spot. These options are available for your convenience and are not included in all dialog boxes. You can manually enter the topic to link to in the Link To area of the dialog box.

See Hot Spot Types for additional information on each hot spot's properties and dialog box. Please note that some dialog boxes look slightly different from each other in Word, FrontPage and Dreamweaver.