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Hot Spot Types

In order for a hot spot to work correctly, it must have a corresponding character style in the Doc-to-Help project. The Behavior property of the style is used to determine what the hot spot does. For example, C1H Jump is a predefined character style in Doc-to-Help. The Behavior property of C1H Jump is Topic Link, so Doc-To-Help knows to treat the hot spot formatted with the C1H Jump style as a link to the topic.

In some cases, more information is necessary to get a desired behavior. In these instances, the properties of the hot spot type can be used in the secondary part of the hot spot. For example, suppose you want to create a link from the text MyTopic to the topic My First Topic. Because the link text is not an exact textual match of the topic, you can use the Tag property of the Topic Link hot spot type to specify the topic to which you want to link. The link text would look like this:

MyTopic|tag=My First Topic

You can also add your own hot spot types simply by adding a character style to the Doc-To-Help project and specifying its Behavior property. For more information on adding character styles, see Creating a D2HML Style.

Note that a character style included in a Doc-To-Help project is used in building a help target if its CharacterStyle.Behavior property is set to a value other than None.

The following topics provide more information on each hot spot type, including the predefined D2HML styles, behaviors, properties and corresponding HTML tags and Word styles. The dialog boxes shown are from Microsoft Word. They may look slightly different in FrontPage and Dreamweaver.

Note: It is recommended that you apply D2HML styles to text using the D2HML Styles toolbars in Word, FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Formatting an HTML source document with plain HTML code is usually done by advanced HTML users, when not using FrontPage, Dreamweaver or another WYSIWYG HTML editor.


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