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Doc-To-Help Markup Language (D2HML)

D2HML is a collection of styles and rules for formatting text that allows you to author your documentation solely in Word or the HTML editor of your choice without even having to open Doc-To-Help, although having Doc-To-Help open makes formatting with D2HML styles and dialog boxes even more convenient. With D2HML, you simply format your text with a D2HML style, and, optionally, attach additional information to it as you type. It's that easy! Your source files contain nothing more than pure text formatted with styles. No D2H-proprietary information is stored in these documents.

This Doc-To-Help innovative technology is intended to automate help creation. While some help-authoring tools help you produce help files out of your documentation, Doc-To-Help frees you from the time-consuming process of both writing the documentation and preparing it for use with a specific help-authoring tool at the same time. With D2HML, you do not need to master a help-authoring tool or tie your documents to one. You simply write your source documents in Word, HTML or both, and follow a few simple rules for formatting them with D2HML styles.


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