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Creating a Modular Help Project for WinHelp

1.   Start by creating your module Help projects as you normally would.

2.   Create a separate project to use as the hub Help project.

3.   Highlight the Project Settings item in the left pane of the project editor.

4.   Set the ModularHub property to True.

5.   Open the hub project document and create placeholder topics for the each of the module Help files you wish to associate with the hub.

The placeholder topic text is generally formatted as Heading 1 topics, but you can use other heading levels as desired.

6.   Click the Make Target button to build the hub WinHelp file.

7.   Click the Topics Icon.

8.   Highlight one of the placeholder topics and enter the corresponding module hlp Help file to the right of the MergeFile property.

9.   Enter the corresponding module .cnt Help file to the right of the MergeContents property.

Note that you can use the MergeTitle property to differentiate between like named Help topics.

10.  Build the hub project again.

11.  Copy the module Help files (.hlp and .cnt) into the hub Help file output directory.

12.  Click the hub Help file View Target button.

Note that the contents pane includes all the hub Help files.

13.  Click the Index tab in the Help file.

Note that the index list has been merged to include index keywords from all the module Help files.

Note:  A full rebuild (Rebuild Target command) deletes all existing files in the Help file output directory. If you do a full rebuild, be sure to copy the module Help files back into the hub output directory.


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