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Using Modular Help

Modular Help development breaks the creation of a large documentation project down into a set of smaller component pieces. Each componentócontaining, perhaps, one chapter of the overall projectóbecomes a separate document and Help file. The components are linked or merged together into a seamless single system, giving the end user appearance and functionality indistinguishable from a single large Help file.

In the context of ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 2007, each component project in a modular Help system is a separate Doc-To-Help project, with its own folder, document file(s), and so forth, creating its own Help file. A separate hub project links the components together.

When you decide to take a modular approach with a Help system, you don't want to lose any functionality. You want to be able to generate the same high quality WinHelp and HTML Help systems as you would with a single project. Following the instructions in this chapter will ensure this. Before using modular Help, be aware that modular Help is Help target specific and you cannot produce a printed manual from a modular Help project.

Note:    Do not confuse modular development with a Doc-To-Help multifile project. In a multifile project, multiple .DOC Word document or .HTM HTML document files are compiled together into one Help file. In a modular project, there are different source documents, different Doc-To-Help projects, and different Help files, which are then made to appear to the user as one file.


Managing Your Modular Help System

Creating a Modular Help Project for WinHelp

Creating a Modular Help Project for HTML Help

Creating a Modular Help Project for NetHelp