Browse Footnotes

Browse footnotes (+) are not emitted for placeholder topics, and these topics do not participate in the browse sequence. However, placeholder topics are not excluded from automatic hierarchical jumps. Depending upon the structure of the hub file, to exclude the placeholder topics from automatic jumps, it may be necessary to set the RelatedJumps property to None for non-placeholder topics.

For example, if a hub project contains a main Heading 1 topic with placeholder topics at the Heading 2 level, then the Heading 1 topic will have hierarchical jumps to the placeholder topics. The reason for this is that the Heading 1 paragraph style's TopicType property is set to Contents and the Contents Topic Type has the AutoNavigate property set to True. In this case, you should set the RelatedJumps property to None for the Heading 1 topic to eliminate the automatic jumps.