What's in a CNT File

A simple .CNT file that references other Help files and .CNT files is shown below.

The line

:Base main.hlp

indicates that MAIN.HLP is the main Help file. The lines

:Index Audit Results=audit.hlp

:Index Methodology=method.hlp

indicate that AUDIT.HLP and METHOD.HLP should be included in the keyword search, full-text search and in K-Links. The lines

1 Introduction

2 Overview=Overview1

2 Results=Results1

1 Results


2 The Next Two Years=TheNextTwoYears

determine the outline that appears in the Contents tab. The lines

:include method.cnt

:include audit.cnt

indicate that METHOD.CNT and AUDIT.CNT should be appended to the current outline.

For a modular system, the component Contents files (generated automatically by Doc-To-Help during the Build Online Help process) contain the topic lines that determine the Contents tab outline. The hub Contents file contain :Include and :Index statements.