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Using the Link Tag Style

In some instances, it may be necessary to insert a topic link using text that does not correspond to the topic text. In this case, you can use the Link Tag style.

1.   To add a link to the topic below:

2.   Select the location and text for the link.

You will note that we have specially formatted this text to use the Link Tag style. The formatting is:

jump text@jump topic

In this case Here is the jump text, then the @ symbol (without spaces), then C1 Win C1BarCode Hierarchy is the jump topic. (Replace all "dots" (periods) with spaces.)

3.   Click the Link Tag style button .

4.   Build the Help target. Note that the link is in the Help target, minus @C1 WinC1BarCode Hierarchy, which is stripped out by Documenter.

In cases where you want see how your document will look without the links, select the link tag and click the Show/Hide Tag of Link  on the Doc-To-Help Documenter for .NET toolbar. To make the tag part reappear, press the Show/Hide Tag of Link button again.

To hide or show the tag parts for all Link Tag links in the document, press Show/Hide Tag of Link while holding the Ctrl key.

For more information on Link Styles, see Using Documenter Styles to Create Links.