The Link Tag Style

Link Tag style is used to link to any topic regardless of the link text. The target topic title is specified in the second part of the link text, called the tag part, invisible in the help file.

Using this style, link text must consist of two parts separated with ‘@'. The first part is the link text as it will appear in the help file. The second part is the topic title specifying the link’s target topic. Doc-To-Help removes the second part when it builds the help file.

To create a link using this style, select the link text and press Link Tag  on the Doc-To-Help Documenter for .NET toolbar. Then add ‘@’ to the end and type the full topic title. Or you can first type ‘@’ in the end and paste the topic title and then select the whole text and press the Link Tag toolbar button.

If you want to see how your document will look without the links, select the link tag and click the Show/Hide Tag of Link  on the Doc-To-Help Documenter for .NET toolbar. To make the tag part reappear, press the Show/Hide Tag of Link button again.

To hide or show the tag parts for all Link Tag links in the document, press Show/Hide Tag of Link while holding the Ctrl key.

The following table gives you some examples of using the Link Tag style:


In document

In help file

Links to topic

This is a link to FileInfo@FileInfo Class

This is a link to FileInfo

FileInfo Class

Another link to FileInfo@FileInfo Class

Another link to FileInfo

FileInfo Class

public FileInfo CopyTo(string);@FileInfo.CopyTo Method (String)

public FileInfo CopyTo(string);

FileInfo.CopyTo Method (String)