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Using Image Maps

You can create image maps, or images with hot spot topic links, in both Word and HTML source documents.

Doc-To-Help provides an Image Map Editor for Microsoft Word. See Using the Image Map Editor in Microsoft Word for specific instructions on creating image maps in your Word source documents.

This section explains how to create image maps in HTML source documents.

Image maps can be created in HTML source documents by drawing a hot spot and clicking one of the D2HML link buttons on the D2HML Styles toolbar in FrontPage and Dreamweaver.

The D2HML attribute of the <AREA> tag is used to specify the topic to which you are linking. If you are using an HTML editor other than FrontPage or Dreamweaver, you can still create an image map and use the <AREA> tag and D2HML attribute to define the links of the hot spots.

A hot spot can be created using any of the five D2HML link types: Jump Link, Popup Link, Keyword Link, Group Link and Glossary Link.


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