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Document Structure and Styles

In the Doc-To-Help project editor, double-click the Learn To Dive.htm file to open it in your default HTML editor.

The file starts with a "Heading 1" title, immediately followed by a "Heading 2" title, and then some body text. The structure of the help system is determined by the heading styles. By default, the following conventions apply:

Heading 1

Creates a "book" entry in the help Contents tab. This entry contains sub-topics, but no topic content of its own.

Headings 2, 3

Creates a topic with contents and possibly more sub-topics. If there are sub-topics, Doc-to-Help automatically adds links after the regular content.

Heading 4, 5

Similar to Heading 2, except the topic title is not added to the "Contents" tree and the content is shown in a separate window.

Glossary Heading

Reserved for glossary entries.

You can edit these conventions by changing the properties of the paragraph styles and topic types.

The same style conventions apply to HTML and Microsoft Word files.