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A Guided Tour of Doc-To-Help

Welcome to the ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 2007 Guided Tour! If you are an experienced Doc-To-Help user, this latest version includes many new design features bundled with the functionality you are familiar with from previous versions of this product. If you are a new user, Doc-To-Help provides an effortless way to create professional looking online Help from your existing Microsoft Word and HTML documents.

The purpose of this guided tour is to give you a "quick start" understanding of the features incorporated into the new version of Doc-To-Help. By working through the tutorial procedures, you will learn the fundamentals of producing printed manuals and online Help systems using Doc-To-Help.

The Doc-To-Help guided tour assumes a level of familiarity with Microsoft Word and FrontPage and Help authoring in general. Before beginning the guided tour, you may wish to read the sections on Help Authoring Basics and Doc-To-Help Markup Language (D2HML). Additionally, it may be helpful for you to familiarize yourself with the Doc-To-Help project editor and toolbar by reading The Doc-To-Help Project Editor.

Tutorial Conventions

      Instructions to select submenu items are given in the Menu | Submenu format.

      Throughout the tutorial, dialog box names, control labels and controls are formatted in a bold font.

      The tutorial instructions assume that you installed Doc-To-Help in the default location. If you installed in another location, you must navigate to files in that location instead of the location specified in the instructions.

      The tutorial instructions use Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Word 2003 and Microsoft FrontPage 2003 for all explanations. If you are using a different operating system or a different version of Word or FrontPage, your commands and dialog boxes may vary somewhat.

      The terms, "make target", "rebuild target", and "compile" are used throughout the tutorials. If you are unfamiliar with how these terms are used in relation to Doc-To-Help 2007, please read Understanding the Doc-To-Help Build Options.


Converting Projects to Doc-To-Help 2007

Using Microsoft Word

Using HTML Source Documents

Using the Doc-To-Help Project