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Building the Project

Before we start enhancing the "Scuba Dive" help system, let's build the project to see what it looks like now.

To build the project, follow these steps:

1.   If necessary, select View Toolbars | Project to display the Project toolbar in the Doc-To-Help project editor.

2.   Check that the Help Target list has the type of target you want (we will use HTML Help, but there are many other options).

3.   Click the Make Target  button.

4.   After the project compiles, you can examine your work by click the View Target  button on the toolbar.

You should now be looking at the initial version of the help file.

The Contents tab shows the topic hierarchy. The Index tab is limited at this point (we will add an index later). The Search tab is fully functional.

We got a simple but functional help system just by adding some regular Html files to the project and building it. Close the help file when you are finished viewing it.

Before moving on, let's examine the structure of the content files.