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Doc-To-Help RoboHelp, HTML Help and WinHelp Converters

Doc-To-Help 2007 can convert a RoboHelp® Word or HTML project or any WinHelp (.hpj) or HTML Help project (.hhp) produced by another help-authoring tool to Doc-To-Help. There are four Convert options, in addition to the Convert Doc-To-Help 2000 Project option, when you open Doc-To-Help 2007: Convert RoboHelp(R) Project, Convert HTML Help Project, Convert RoboHelp(R) Word Project and Convert WinHelp Project.

The RoboHelp converter differs from the standard converters only in that it converts some RoboHelp-specific features that are not part of the generic HTML Help and WinHelp specifications, such as RoboHelp conditional build tags, RoboHelp pop-ups, and the glossary.

Both the RoboHelp HTML Project and HTML Help Project converters need an HTML Help project (.hhp) to begin; therefore, it is necessary to build an HTML Help layout, or target, for your RoboHelp project before converting it to Doc-To-Help.

The converters walk you through a conversion wizard, making the process as simple as a few clicks.


RoboHelp HTML Project Conversion

Generic HTML Help Project Conversion

RoboHelp Word Project Conversion

WinHelp Project Conversion