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The Doc-To-Help Start Page

When you run Doc-To-Help from the Start menu, or by double-clicking its icon in Windows Desktop, you are presented with the Doc-To-Help Start Page.

From here you can choose one of the following options to begin working with Doc-To-Help:

      Create New Project

      Open Existing Project

      Convert Doc-To-Help 2000 Project

      Convert RoboHelp(R) HTML Project

      Convert HTML Help Project

      Convert a RoboHelp(R) Word Project

      Convert WinHelp Project

      Open Doc-To-Help Documenter for .NET

      Release Notes

      Download Product Updates

      Recent Projects


Creating a New Project

Opening an Existing Project

Converting Doc-To-Help 2000 Projects

Doc-To-Help RoboHelp, HTML Help and WinHelp Converters

Opening Documenter for .NET

Opening the Release Notes

Downloading Product Updates

Opening a Recent Project