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Working with Projects

A ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 2007 project file is a database that stores information about a Help project. Doc-To-Help maintains everything except the actual content of the source documents in a project file. Specifically, Doc-To-Help project files contain the following elements:

              Source document paths

              Document template paths

               Topic titles derived during compilation

              Paragraph style behaviors

              Character style behaviors

              Script code modules

              Help window definitions

              Index keywords visible to the reader

             Group names hidden from the reader

The icons shown here are used throughout Doc-To-Help to identify elements of a specific type and to indicate relationships between disparate elements.

Since a Doc-To-Help project file is a database, it must exist on your hard disk or a network drive; it cannot reside in memory like a new document in Microsoft Word or FrontPage. By default, Doc-To-Help project files have a .d2h extension.


The Doc-To-Help Start Page

Using Live Update

Compacting a Project File

Project Settings Properties

Changing the Current Help Target

Building the Current Help Target

Viewing the Current Help Target

Adding a New Help Target

Renaming a Help Target

Changing the Help Target Directory

Help Target Properties