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Doc-To-Help Markup in Source Documents

Markup is simply information that is added to your source documents which tells Doc-To-Help what your help target should look like. You can easily insert markup into your Word and HTML documents using the toolbars provided by Doc-To-Help.

In Word documents, Doc-To-Help 2007 has two different kinds of markup:

      D2H-proprietory markup: D2H-dependent information is usually stored in Word comments in the document. This markup can be created only by using the Doc-To-Help toolbar in Word. Some examples of D2H-proprietary markup include the Add Topic Link button and the Add Dynamic Link button.

      D2HML: This markup can be created in Word documents simply by formatting certain text with the appropriate D2HML styles using the D2HML Styles toolbar. The user does not need Doc-To-Help to do this; it can even be done on a machine where Doc-To-Help is not installed or even if you do not know Doc-To-Help. The fact that D2HML is non-proprietary, pure Word or HTML, and can be used even without Doc-To-Help is the main advantage of using D2HML.

In HTML documents, only D2HML markup is supported; there is no D2H-properietory markup. This markup can be created in any HTML editor by formatting text using the appropriate D2HML styles in HTML code. Doc-To-Help also provides a D2HML Styles toolbar for FrontPage and Dreamweaver to facilitate formatting with D2HML styles.

Note: The D2HML Styles toolbar is supported in FrontPage XP and 2003 versions. It is not supported in FrontPage 2000.

Please see Doc-To-Help Markup Language (D2HML) for additional information.