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Compiling Source Documents

When you build the current Help target, Doc-To-Help compiles your source documents and combines the resulting files into a single entity. However, there are times when you may want to compile a source document individually without updating the entire target. For example, if a build fails because a topic title exceeds the 255 character limit, you can edit the topic title, and then compile that document alone to verify that the problem is fixed before proceeding with a full build.

To compile a single document:

1.   On the Icon bar, click Project.

2.   Select the Documents item from the left pane.

3.   Select and right-click the document that you wish to compile and select Compile from the shortcut menu.

Alternatively, you can compile a document by highlighting the document and clicking the Compile File button  on the Project toolbar.

To compile all documents in the project:

From the Build menu, select Compile All.

To interrupt compilation of one or more documents:

Click the Stop Build button  on the Project toolbar.