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Using Microsoft Word

Before beginning this tour, it may be helpful for you to familiarize yourself with the Doc-To-Help toolbar by reading Exploring the Doc-To-Help Toolbar for Microsoft Word. Using the Doc-To-Help toolbar is just one option when formatting your Word source documents. You can also use the D2HML Styles toolbar and dialog boxes to create Doc-To-Help Markup Language (D2HML). D2HML is the preferred and recommended method for formatting source documents. For more information, see Doc-To-Help Markup Language (D2HML) and the D2HML tutorial Using D2HML with Microsoft Word.


Starting a New Help Project

Exploring the Doc-To-Help Toolbar for Microsoft Word

Working with the First Source File

Saving the Document and Building a Help File

Using Styles to Enhance a Help Project

Adding Multiple Word Source Documents to a Help Project

Adding Tables in Doc-To-Help

Adding Topic Links and Jumps

Adding Graphics

Adding Flash Movies

Working With Margin Notes

Adding Glossary Terms

Adding Conditional Text

Applying Lists in Doc-To-Help