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The Doc-To-Help Project Editor

This chapter provides a description of the common operations performed with the ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 2007 Project Editor. The Project Editor allows you the flexibility to perform a wide range of Help authoring tasks from within one simple user interface. Through the Project Editor, you can access and edit your source documents in Microsoft Word, FrontPage, Dreamweaver or another HTML editor and you can produce and modify the properties of a wide range of Help target types. Additionally, with the click of a mouse you can produce a finished paper manual from your Help documentation. Along with the menu items and control buttons located at the top of the Project Editor, each of the icons located in the Outlook style Icon Bar on the left of the Project Editor allows you access to various options contained within the editor.


Navigating the Project Editor

The Project Icon

The Views Icon

The Topics Icon

The Contents Icon

The Index Icon

The Build Icon