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Adding Multiple Word Source Documents to a Help Project

One of the features of Doc-To-Help is the ability to add and easily manipulate separate Word and HTML source documents in a Help project. One of the advantages of using separate source documents for each major "Heading 1" topic is that it provides you with the flexibility of having several authors working on the project simultaneously. Additionally, when changes are made to the documents, Doc-To-Help only needs to compile the source documents that have been modified, greatly reducing the compile time. Letís add a second source document to our StyleGuide Help project.

1.   In the Icon Bar, click the Project icon.

2.   In the left pane of the project editor, select Documents. The right pane shows the project documents, while the properties pane shows the properties for the highlighted project document.

3.   Select Project | Add Documents. The Add Documents dialog box opens.

4.   Locate the file C:\Program Files\ComponentOne\DocToHelp\Tutorial\StyleGuide\Techniques.doc.

5.   Select the file and click Open. Notice that the Techniques.doc has been added to the document list in the right upper pane of project editor. The order of the documents in your Help file is noted by the order property in the properties pane. To change the order of the documents, simply select the document you wish to move and use the Move Up or Move Down arrows located on the Documents toolbar.

NoteWhen a document resides outside the project folder, Doc-To-Help displays the full path to the document. Adding a document to a project does not move it to the project folder. If you want the document to reside in the project folder, move it to the project folder before adding it to the project.

6.   Add the new document to the Help file by clicking the Make Target button.

7.   After the Help file is compiled, click the View Target button. Notice that the new documentation has been added to your Help file.

8.   When you are finished, close the Help file.

For more information on Help targets, see Adding a Document to a Project.