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Using Natural Search for Doc-To-Help

ComponentOne Natural Search provides a natural language search capability for WinHelp (.hlp), compiled HTML Help (.chm) and NETHelp Help (.htm) files. This feature is available in Doc-To-Help Enterprise 2007 only.

When Doc-To-Help 2007 Enterprise builds a help file, Natural Search automatically generates an index file (.smi). When the end-user types a question and initiates a search, the Natural Search runtime checks this index to generate a set of answers that match the question asked.

If Natural Search has been installed, Doc-To-Help 2007 Enterprise displays additional properties for the WinHelp, HTML Help, and NetHelp targets that enable and control the search features. By setting the SearchEnabled property to True, Natural Search automatically generates index and configuration files for the project in the same directory as the finished Help file.

Note:    Although the NetHelp target exposes the SearchEnabled property, it does not incorporate Natural Search into the user interface of the generated Help system itself. This option is provided for importing HTML pages into the ComponentOne Response product.


Natural Search Properties

Enabling Natural Search

Defining Your Natural Search Content

Modifying the Natural Search Tab Caption

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Manually Adding Natural Search Support

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Distributing Natural Search with your Help Files

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