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Modifying the Search Root Word

Doc-To-Help Natural Search provides two properties to allow you to modify the search root words in the index.

The Stemsize property defines the maximum number of characters used as a root word in the natural search index. The default value of this property is 5. Highly technical documentation, where longer search terms are common, may benefit from a longer stem size.

The ConfidenceLevel property defines the number of characters (as a percentage of the total) that are added to the root word to create a new word group when building natural language search indexes. The default value for this property is 33. That is, 1 character is added to the root word for every 3 additional characters in the word. Some international languages, where lengthy suffixes are common, may benefit from a higher percentage.

To modify either of these properties:

1.   Select the desired Help target from the Project Editor. 

2.   In the property pane, select the appropriate property and set it to the desired number.