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Using the Doc-To-Help Team Authoring Administrative Utility

A special administrative utility is included when Doc-To-Help is installed. This utility, C1D2HTeamAdmin.exe, should be used only by your Doc-To-Help administrator when it is necessary to perform certain actions, such as removing backup files or unlocking files from the repository, upgrading a team-authoring project, or removing team-authoring support from a working copy of a project.

This C1D2HTeamAdmin.exe can be found in C:\Program Files\ComponentOne\DocToHelp, where it is installed, by default, with Doc-To-Help. Note that the location of the file may be different if you installed Doc-To-Help elsewhere on your machine.

To access the administrative utility, the administrator can locate and double-click the C1D2HTeamAdmin.exe. The utility opens, and he/she can then use the menu and toolbar to perform the necessary actions.



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