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Using Character Styles

Doc-to-Help extends the concept of styles to include Help authoring behavior. For each character style, a like-named character style must be defined in the project file. For example, if you have a character style named BoldText in your source document, you should also have a character style in the project file called BoldText. In this way, you can simply select which properties you want to apply to the BoldText style in the property pane of the Doc-To-Help project editor.

Doc-To-Help comes with a wide variety of predefined character styles which can be used to format text and create hot spots using Doc-To-Help Markup Language (D2HML), so it is not usually necessary to create new character styles. Character styles can be created in advanced cases when one of the predefined character styles cannot be used to get the desired result.


Character Style Properties

Default Character Styles

Creating New Character Styles

Editing Character Style Properties