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Character Style Properties

You can edit the Character Style properties by accessing property pane for the specific Character Style. For more information, see Editing Character Style Properties.

Display Properties


Determines whether the style defines the appearance of the text (font, color, etc.) in the target help file, or is only used to create a hotspot or keyword and does not affect target appearance.


When True, omits text formatted with this style from the help target.


When producing a manual, this property places the page number of the referenced topic next to the text formatted with this style.


Sets or returns a string that overrides the default text generated by Doc-To-Help. For a paragraph style with AutoNext set to True, the Replacement string is used instead of the topic title next to the generated button.


Shows the name of the window in which topics formatted in this style are displayed.

Indexing Properties


When True, this property automatically creates index keywords from text formatted with that character style and associates them with the topic that contains the text.

Miscellaneous Properties


Determines the help authoring behavior associated with a character style at compile time.


For a character style, makes this style a conditional text style, places the specified condition on text formatted with this character style.


Defines the name to be used to identify the style as a cascading style sheet style in HTML source documents.


Determines whether a link hot spot is a jump or a pop-up.


When False, only the first occurrence of a "jump" character style (in a given topic) generates a link. All other formatted occurrences are skipped.


Returns a string containing the name of a specified object (read-only).


Displays the script to be run during compilation whenever text formatted with this style is encountered.