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The Topics Icon

The Topics Icon displays an Explorer-like view of the Help topics derived from the source documents during compilation. It also provides an interface for setting properties of individual topics, such as index keywords and context-sensitive Help IDs. The left hand pane of the project editor contains a tree list allowing the author to view specific types of topics. You can view all topics, deleted topics or topics with and without Attributes, Context IDs, Groups and Keywords. Additionally, you can sort the topics in the right project editor pane by using the convenient outlook style grouping and filtering features provided with Doc-To-Help 2007.

Doc-To-Help derives topics from your source documents. In multiple topic documents, there is not an explicit way for you to create a new topic from scratch. Instead, you create topics indirectly by applying a paragraph style to one or more source document paragraphs in Microsoft Word or your HTML editor, defining a like-named active paragraph style in your Doc-To-Help project, if one does not already exist, then compiling the affected documents either individually or by building the Help target. After compilation, you can view the newly created topics and edit their properties in the Topics window. With single topic documents, a new topic is created in your Doc-To-Help project when you create a new document. You can view the new topic and its properties immediately once it is created; you do not need to recompile the document.

For more information, see Defining and Organizing Topics.


The Topic Properties Toolbar