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The Topic Properties Toolbar

Use the Topic Properties toolbar to view the properties by property type or alphabetically, view topic attributes or insert context IDs, topic groups, keywords or link tags.

From left to right, the Project Properties toolbar contains the following commands:

View By Property Type

Displays the topic properties by type


View Alphabetically

Displays the topic properties alphabetically


View Attributes

Displays the topic attributes, allowing specific topics to be linked to the attribute values


Topic Collections

Displays the Topic Elements and their icons, which indicate how they were added - manually, or automatically from the document - and what type of elements they are. If an item is added manually, one of the following icons appears next to it:



Context ID









Link Tags



If an item is added automatically, one of the following icons appears next to it, specifying its type:



character style



paragraph style






Word {XE} field


Choose Collection

Allows you to choose the collection to be modified

Element Textbox

Enter the collection element value


Adds the element value


Deletes the element value