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HTML Help Module Glossaries

Doc-To-Help includes a glossary feature that automatically generates pop-up definitions throughout your Help, based on glossary definitions. If you would like to use this feature with modular Help, each component Help project (hub and module projects) will need to have a duplicate glossary.doc as part of the project. To eliminate the duplicate glossaries contained in the module Help projects, from the hub modular help table of contents, perform the following procedure on all module Help projects:

1.   Open one of the module projects.

2.   Select the Project icon.

3.   In the left pane, select Help Targets.

4.   From the right pane, select the Help Target you wish to modify.

5.   From the property pane, set the SkipGlossary property to True and press Enter.

6.   Click the Make Target button.

7.   Copy the compiled module Help file (.chm) into the hub Help file output directory, overwriting the previous version.

8.   Perform the same steps to remove the glossary contents from all of the module Help projects.

For more information, see Creating a Glossary.