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Creating a Glossary

A glossary is a list of specialized words with their definitions, often placed at the end of a book. To assist in developing an online and printed glossary, Doc-To-Help automatically creates a glossary document with two formatted glossary entry examples whenever a new project is created. All you need to do is open it and add and format your entries.

Doc-To-Help can convert text in your source documents to hyperlinks which, when clicked, open DHTML pop-ups containing the corresponding glossary definitions. You may also choose not to use this functionality for some or all terms.

Additionally, there may be instances of a word or phrase in your source documents where you would like to link to a glossary term. Doc-To-Help allows you to create pop-up links using the Glossary Links button on the D2HML Styles toolbar to link specific text to glossary terms.

Glossary entries can be viewed by clicking the Glossary Terms item in the project editor tree.

The glossary document remains as your final document in the Help project by default.


Specifying a Glossary Document

Opening the Glossary

Editing the Glossary in Doc-To-Help

Adding and Formatting Glossary Entries

Filtering Topics from the Glossary

Viewing Glossary Terms

Adding and Sorting Glossary Terms in Word

Creating Glossary Links