By highlighting the Documents item on the project editor tree list, you are presented with a hierarchical list of the source documents currently used by the Help project in the right pane. By choosing any one of the source documents, the lower left pane displays the property settings for that document. You can modify most properties by simply clicking in the box next to the property.

Opening or editing the documents can be achieved by highlighting the Document item on the project editor tree and right-clicking a specific document. New documents can be added by simply clicking in the right hand document list pane.

For more information, see Doc-To-Help 2007 Source Documents.

The Documents Toolbar

You can use the Documents toolbar in the right pane above the document tree to manipulate the documents in the project.

From left to right, the Documents toolbar contains the following commands:

New Document

Creates a new document and adds it to the project.

Add Documents

Adds a document to the project.

Remove Document

Removes the selected document from the project.

Move Up

Moves the document up within the tree.

Move Down

Moves the document down within the tree.

Move Left

Moves the document left within the tree.

Move Right

Moves the document right within the tree.

Select Documents with Incorrect Style

Check the entire tree for documents that do not have the same tree and TOC levels.

Change Document Style

Changes the style of a document.