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Converting a Doc-To-Help 2000 Project

1.   Open Doc-To-Help 2007.

2.   Click Convert Doc-To-Help 2000 Project.

The Doc-To-Help conversion dialog box opens.

3.   Click Next to continue.

4.   Using the browse button, locate the project (.INI file) you wish to convert and click Open.

5.   In the New Doc-To-Help project textbox, type the name of the new file and click Next.

6.   Review your selections and click Finish. The Doc-To-Help Converter status dialog box opens to display the conversion progress.

7.   Once the conversion is complete you are prompted with Project converted successfully.

8.   Click OK to close this window, then press F5 to build the current Help target.

Note:    A back-up of your existing Doc-To-Help 2000 project is saved in the D2HconverterBackup directory.