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Associating Keywords with Topics

In the previous steps, you learned how to create an index keyword and associate it with a topic. Another method of indexing is to select a topic and associate keywords with that topic. This "topic to keyword" workflow makes it easier to create index keywords based on the existing topic titles.

1.   Click the Topics icon.

2.   Make the Title column as wide as necessary to view the list.

3.   In the right pane, highlight Avoid archaic words and expressions.

4.   In the property pane, click the Collections button .

5.   Choose Keyword from the collections drop-down.

6.   Type archaic into the keyword textbox and press Enter. Doc-To-Help adds archaic to the list of keywords for this topic.

7.   Type archaic expressions into the keyword textbox and press Enter.

8.   Select StyleGuide HTML Help from the Help Target drop-down on the Project toolbar.

9.   Click the Make Target button.

10.  After the target is compiled, click the View Target button.

11.  Choose the Index tab to view your new index entries. The secondary keyword archaic and the primary keywords expressions and archaic expressions have been added to the index and are associated with the correct topic.

12.  When you’re finished, close the Help file.

For more information, see Building an Index.