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Building an Index

To construct an index for the reader, such as the Index tab in HTML Help, you define a set of keywords and associate each with one or more Help topics. There are several ways to create index keywords:

1.   Using Doc-To-Help Markup Language (D2HML).

2.   Automatically, by setting the appropriate property in a paragraph or character style.

3.   Manually, by typing them into ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 2007.

4.   Natively, by using the inherent capabilities of Microsoft Word (XE fields) when using Word source documents.

5.   Programmatically, by writing script code.

Likewise, you can use any of these methods to associate a keyword with a Help topic.

You can also organize Help topics according to a private index that the reader never sees. For example, you may want to mark certain topics as being for advanced users, then provide a hot spot that displays them in a list (like an ALink macro in WinHelp). To construct the private index, you use group names instead of index keywords.


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Creating Topic Groups

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