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Working with Conditional Text in Word Documents

This section explains how to work with conditional text in Word source documents. There are two ways to specify conditional text in Word: using Doc-To-Help Markup Language (D2HML) and using classic, non-D2HML conditional text comments. D2HML is the preferred method, but the classic method has been kept to ensure compatibility with older Doc-To-Help projects. Both methods are described in the following sections, but it is strongly recommeded that you use D2HML when specifying conditional text.


Using D2HML Conditional Text Comments

Using Classic Doc-To-Help Conditional Text

Viewing Classic Doc-To-Help Conditional Text

Using D2HML Conditional Text Styles

Changing the Default Type of Conditional Text Hot Spots

Removing Conditional Text Comments

Editing Conditional Text Comments

Using the HTML Passthrough Code Option