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Viewing Classic Doc-To-Help Conditional Text

In some cases, you may wish to limit the types of conditional text you see in your source documents, or modify the text color of a specific type of conditional text. Doc-To-Help 2007 provides you with a feature which allows you to determine which types of conditional text will be visible in your source documents.

Note: This feature can only be used when applying classic Doc-To-Help conditional text. It has been retained to ensure compatibility with older Doc-To-Help projects.

By simply clicking the View Conditional Text button  on the Doc-To-Help toolbar, a dialog provides you with the ability to select specific conditional text for viewing, modify conditional text colors, add animation and set the default conditional text features. To close the View Conditional Text dialog, simply click the OK or Cancel buttons.

Note:  Only checkboxes for the types of conditional text found within the current source document will appear in the View Conditional Text dialog.


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